About us

What we do

You want to communicate your project, your research or your business? We support you as needed. An intelligent strategy always comes first with us: we help to identify your target audience and to reach it using the right medium and register. In other words: we can develop a communication strategy for you. And we can deliver the content creation to match that strategy, whether it be moving pictures, animation, live or social media.

In our trainings you will earn how to improve your communication: storytelling, visual framing, mobile reporting, editing and presentation are among the most common topics. We have established modules but are happy to cater to your specific training needs as well. Just drop us a line!

How we work

We love digital content. We don’t to just do, we listen. We research and analyze. We design a creative communication strategy that fits you by including you in the process. We plan and work with a target in mind. We make complex issues easy to understand. We find the right expression where you may be looking for words. We stay authentic. Last but not least and at the risk of sounding cheesy:  we simply enjoy to be creative for you.

Anna Ross

Founder – Strategy, Conceptualization & Operation

Oliver Häußler

Founder – Strategy & Analysis

Anne Täschner

Consulting, Conceptualization, Production

Theresa Krampfl

Conceptualization, Cinematography & Photography

Samuel Zink

Graphics, Animation & Post Production

Gero Hörmann

Intern – Graphics, Assistance

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