Communication Strategy

What are your goals and how can you reach them best – short-term and long-term? How can you use your ressources to achieve maximum impact? We help you find the right communication strategy.

Media Production

We conceptualize and produce a whole range of creative products: film, animation, fotography, graphics, texts or a combination of different media. All our media products are scalable. Depending on a project’s guidelines we work with a small crew or a bigger one, employ pro equipment or work a lean solution, like using smartphones for mobile reporting.

Media Training

Our program is wide-ranging. We offer courses on communication through text, picture or film as well as on presentation technique. The duration of the courses is scalable to fit your needs, time and budget.


Communication Strategy

The EU, national research agencies such as the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft and other funders want to see you communicate your research and disseminate your work and results. The daily grind of research and research project management leaves little time for communication measures. We support you by providing a strategy for science communication, project workflows or by doing the work for you. It is up to you to decide how much or little support we provide, whether we come in at the application stage, early on or in the final stages of your project.

Great communication, public relations in their original meaning. They are essential for any company or institution. An image film is not the only way to communicate your business. Working closely with you, we develop communication and distribution strategies to make your key messages heard.

A small budget and big PR needs are two givens for many, if not all startups. Especially if you can’t afford that big campaign yet, targeted (and cheap) communication measures can go a long way. That is why we have developed a basic consultation and training package for founders. Drop us a line or give us a call if you want to give your startup a boost!

Media Production

An explanatory film provides information on your company, research or your project. It explains important terms and gives context. It provides the viewer with a better understanding of the whos, the whats, the wheres and the how.

Events are important for an exchange between peers, for networking and visibility. It gives an impression for all those who could not attend or who want to relive the experience. As such, the event film increases the duration and the scope of an event’s reach.

Maybe the most common term when it comes to films and professional communication. An image film can take many shapes. At its core, it communicates a brand’s image. It shows the company or project in a positive light, usually without going into too much detail.

A documentary can be quite long, but increasing documentary shorts have become fashionable. Regardless of length, a documentary will take its viewers along. It is characterized by a sense of authenticity and closeness to its protagonists.

A truly wide-ranging space. The social media landscape is ever-changing: it not only allows a media mix, but calls for it. It is important to understand the algorithms and mechanisms at work and to create great and engaging creative content.

Media Training

The art of writing, speaking or visualizing in such a way that the audience is spellbound. Storytelling is not only an art, but is also a technique. Or rather, it is a whole collection of techniques which we can teach you.

The best camera is the one you carry around with you all the time. Shooting pictures or films with your smartphone – in our mobile reporting courses we will teach you how to get even better at it and which apps may help you on the way.

Writing texts, especially social media blurbs or blog texts or voice overs for film. How to speak in front of an audience, in an interview or in voiceovers.

Whether it is a powerpoint presentation, a mid-term report, a poster with research results or another of the countless presentations that are part of professional life – for many, they are among the most stressful tasks of all. Learn how to present your work and yourself competently and clearly and how to get rid of that fear of public speaking.

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